Celebrities Who Were Prostitutes

Hollywood is one messy place. The crust is full of glitz and glamour. But the core is full of unimaginable things. Sex and Hollywood go hand in hand. Don’t act like you have no idea of what is happening. Everyone must have heard the recent Harvey Weinstein scandal that created a stir all over the world. This one man has done things that were enough to create a huge moment across the world. Just imagine what would happen if we dig up the entire industry.

Having a wild session in bed with a celebrity is a desire for most of the men. But there are some escorts like Birmingham escorts who as beautiful as the celebrities who can give you an unforgettable experience in bed. You can get them through Birmingham escort agency.

In this article, we will see the list of Hollywood actors who were prostitutes.


Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe – This blonde bombshell is a stunning beauty and is a multi-faceted personality. She was, is and always will be celebrated as the greatest sex symbol of all time. Even though she attained popularity after she sang “Happy Birthday” to President Kennedy, it didn’t help her in her acting carrier. She posed nude for fifty dollars in 1949 to Tom Kelly. Many have stated that she used to hang out with powerful people for five hundred dollars per day which later paved ways for her carrier.

Denise Richards

Denise Richards is one exotic beauty who never missed to set the screen on fire every time appeared on the screen. She was one of the hottest blondes of the 90s. Her controversial marriage with Charlie Sheen is also one of the much-discussed topics. It is said that Denise Richards was a high profile escort and she capitalized on the clients that she had and made a carrier out of that. She was working with Heidi Fleiss, and the coincidence is that Charlie Sheen was a regular customer.

Raquel Welch

Raquel Welch is the household sex symbol in the 1960s. She was one of the most beautiful and preferred escorts at that time. Her killer looks and amazing body features never missed to lure men to her. She started her modeling carrier in Dallas. Most of the high profile people paid a huge sum of money for her services. When she graced the Playboy cover in 1979, she found her path to start a crier in Hollywood and hence bid goodbye to her hooking days.

Sophie Anderton

Sophie Anderton was a successful model who later turned into a reality TV specialist. She was not a prostitute before entering showbiz. She used her celebrity status to prostitute herself to high profile clients. She used to charge fifteen thousand dollars per night. Since she uses cocaine and also was an alcohol addict, she used all the money that got from prostitution to stack them.


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