Questions Answered By A Male Escort

Escorts go through a lot of emotional and physical turmoil in their line of work. Escorts have not been realistically depicted in movies and TV shows. They show them to be low lives who sell their body for easy money, but that’s not the case. Most escorts are educated, well-behaved individuals who are professionals in what they do. Most of them are in the business as it pays very well, but many actually are passionate about physical intimacy and love the fact that they get to have sexual relations with multiple individuals on a daily basis.

Here are some questions that a male escort has answered in an interview:

  1. How did you come to work as an escort?

One day I just realized that I loved pleasing men and women sexually, so I decided to put 100% into doing that and earning some dough doing the same. Hit two birds with one stone. I’m an immense believer in doing what you enjoy. So I pursued that.

  1. How long do you work? Do you work every day?

Everyday? No way! The kind of people that I encounter requires me to plan and be ready for the unexpected. I try to limit bookings to 5 per week.

  1. How long do you usually spend with a client?

I typically spend around 5-6 hours with a client. Sometimes the guy wants to go 2-3 rounds because he climaxed way too early the first time. With a woman, it’s more complicated and takes more work to get her to reach orgasm. On rare occasions, I book a 24-hour experience where we enjoy an entire day out and act like an actual couple.

  1. What does a session with a client involve?

It usually involves a nice hotel room, a bar, a couple of restaurants, long drives in the countryside. If we do the driving thing near the outskirts of the city, I insist on being naked just for fun, massages and finally sex. I prefer sex near a fireplace. It’s a turn on.

  1. Do you pick which clients you see?

If I don’t feel that I am the right type for a client, I let them know in advance. If I’m not feeling right or vibing differently about someone, I let them know that I am not available before I accept payment.

  1. Is there anything that you feel is off limits for you?

I don’t like involving myself in submission, humiliation or anything too dark and stuff that makes me uncomfortable, I’m not too picky but not too easy either.

  1. When you are with a client, do you initiate the sex or do you wait for them to start it?

I try and read the situation and the air in the room. If it is a guy usually a slight brush on his thigh will get him turned on, but men typically insist on initiating it themselves. With a woman, I wait for her to get comfortable around me.

  1. How much do you charge per client?

I charge $400 an hour. For a nice session of 4 hours, I charge upwards of $1000. A 24-hour session, I charge upwards of $5000, although this may be rare I make sure to make them feel they’ve got what they’ve paid for.

  1. What are your clients like?

Most of them are intelligent, wealthy and interested in exploring their sexuality. Their age varies between 30-50.

  1. What do you like best about your line of work?

The luxury of having intimate relations with sophisticated, well read, exceptional people and getting paid for it. Also, the feeling of being the reason for another person’s orgasms is a big win for me.

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